Request a Swarm / Feral Hive Removal

A swarm is a group of bees that have gathered in a ball. They could be located in a tree, on a wall, on eves, on the ground, on a fence, or other object.

A Feral hive or colony are bees that are actively going in and out of a newly established home - This could be a compost bin, a wall cavity, or a hollow in a tree.


The more information we get from you through this form will allow us to more easily assign a Club member with exact experience and expertise to help you.

When you submit your request, all the details will be forwarded to the club members in charge of co-ordinating the swarm removal. Our club will do it's best to get an experienced club member to assist in the removal of the bees.

Bare in mind that in some cases we may suggest that you call  a professional exterminator / pest removal company. This is a rare case scenario and our member contacting you can discuss your options.

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