Beekeeping Articles

Beekeeping Articles

Kenyan Top Bar Hives

By Steven Rose

Presentation on Kenyan Top Bar Hives (KTBH) 

Life Cycle of Honey Bees - Video

A collection of three great videos explaining the lives of honey bees, the worker, the queen and the drone.

What is the function of a swarm?

By Southside Beekeepers Club Inc.

If you get down to it a swarm is a form of reproduction, but of a colony, as opposed to the individuals.

An Emergency Winter Feed for Bees

By Ian Brown

If you are uncertain whether your bees have sufficient winter stores, then the following is a recipe for candy which can be safely fed to the bees when they are not active due to cold conditions and therefore could not be safely fed with syrup.

Winter is the Season to Slow Down

By Lindsay Wilson

From April and through to May, June and July, things just slow down in our hives; the queen is not laying so many eggs.