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Our next meeting is on Wednesday 26th April 2017.

Southside Beekeepers Club meets on the

Fourth Wednesday of each month.

Hall setup from 6.30pm Please help - Membership Registration from 7:00pm - Meeting starts at 7:30pm sharp. 

Leawarra House (Frankston Elderly Citizens Club, Yes the hall has a day job) 200 Beach Street, Frankston. Vic. (Melway 102 H3 so you don't get lost)Phone 0413-104-191. 

 Winter’s Coming? 

We all must think out side the box.

Not all our bee hives will make it through this coming winter. About 8-10% of all our club members may lose their hives. So we need to look back at the past sessions to see why this may happened to our hives. Was it a weak colony to start with? Re-queening may have fixed this problem, Dam it’s too late in the season now. You could have joined that weak hive with a stronger one?  Please note that joining two weak colonies still leaves you with a weak colony in the end, a lot of beekeepers make that mistake. Was there enough food in that hive to last all winter?  How long is winter to be? Increases in egg laying by the queen is not the same as the start of spring time? It’s not a good sight to see dead bees at the end of winter, (start of August) heads in the honeycomb, and bums in the air trying to get that last bit of food, starved to death in the honey comb. Has the colony been so weak that bees from other colonies have raided yours? Maybe making the entrance smaller could have stopped this from happening. Once the entrance is made smaller the bees can now defend the hive easier. Some people put their hives in the wrong spots in their gardens. Putting a hive between a high fence and the side of the house can make it hard for bees to fly, as you’ve just made a wind tunnel, (wind chill will kill), and the hive is in shade all the time. All you will grow in this hive is mould and mildew, a weak colony cannot deal with all this.  Too much room in the hive for them to look after (closing down the hive for winter). Moving the hive mat down, would have fixed that. Just going to look at the brood to see what I can see on a cool and breezy day, can kill a lot of the brood (UV light can kill as well) and upset the beehive so much, that they take it out on the Queen, and now she’s dead (this is called balling). A new Queen is made to save the day from a larva and 16 days later a Queen, but there’s no Drones for her to mate with, laying works may start.  It will take around 2 to 3 months for all in the queenless hive to die, probably sometime in late June. With no Queen they’re as good as dead, they just don’t know it as yet. Sorry to put it this way but Winter is still Coming ! We will be starting to close our hives down sometime from the start of April. The weather is different each and every year. So the timing moves each year........So our plan is to have a PLAN........You now know what can happen.      This was a over view.......Lindsay Wilson V.P.

Yes !!! We Have Set New Dates.

For Old and New Bee Keepers alike our New and Improved

Introduction to Beekeeping Course. 


 NUC Box Building Course. 

Our courses will give you all (not just beginner's) know how needed to start your new hobby or refine/refresh your knowledge and skills. this course is so upmarket even a long team Beekeeper will learn. Our class sizes are small and hands on so be prepared - You'll need your safety equipment - Bee suit & gloves, your smoker and hive tool, and not forgetting eagerness to learn and get face to face and hands on with our bees. Click the links above for more information, next scheduled course's date and an online form for you to register your interest in attending the next course.

All courses are run on numbers paid for in full and booked in. 1st in best dressed. Be quick, spots fill fast...All past courses have been booked out.

Memberships, Event Payments & any Donations can be directly deposited into the club account. VISA/MasterCard & EFTPOS are accepted at Monthly Meetings. Details are located on the Contact & Membership page.


By Joining Our Club We Can Help You With All This.

Beeswax. Nectar Flow. Wax Moth. Propolis. Honey Harvesting. Pesticide Death. Pollination. Feeding a Hive. Pollination. What it Cost? Life Span. Local & State Government Regulations. Hive Placement. Opening Hives. Goodwill to Neighbours. Italian Bee's (Apis Millifera Ligustia). Bees Senses-Feeling-Seeing-Hearing-Smell & Taste. Fire Regulations. Black Russian Carniolan Bee (Apis Millifera Carnica). Wasps. Ants. Round & Tail/Wagg, Cleaning, Joy Dances. Guard Bee's. Swarms. Re-Queening. Benton Cages. Native Bee's. Bait Hives. Scout Bee's. Skips. Allergies. Sting Prevention. Laying Workers. Drawing Foundation. Feeders. Caucasian Bee (Apis Millifera Caucaica). Uncapping. Cleaning & Play Flights. Hive Inspections & What to look for? Burr Comb. Clustering. Bee Bread. Wintering Hives. Grafting. Switching Hive Bodies. Bees & Hive Space. Robber Bees. Disease & Pests. Creamed Honey. Drumming. Spring-Summer-Autumn Honeys. Moving Hive's. Bee Fanning. Extracting. Bee Candy. Capped Comb. Spring Management. Unripe Honey. Bee Blowers. Uncapping Knife. Buying Bee's. Nuclei Hive (NUC). Water Sources. Balling. House Bee's. Drifting. Honeys. Filter/Strainer. Fondant. Supersedure. Pheromones. Meade. Queen Rearing. Candles Making. Polish-Soaps-Creams. Feral Bee's. Field Bee's. Apiary. Beekeeping History. Joining Colonies. Honeycomb. Warming Cabinet. Bottling. Solar Wax Extractors. Hive Registration. Small Hive Beatle. Smokers. Perfume & Preparation Smells. Sugar Shake Program. Need for Permanent Water. Honeydew. Foraging Bee's. Honey Storage. Flowhive-Fixes. Crystallized Honey. Top Box Bee Hives. House Bee's.

And so much more.

We have a lending library with hundreds of Books, DVD's, honey extractor's and wiring jigs for our members to borrow.

 Longstroth Hives - Parts & Tools.

Hive Stands. Base Board. Roof/Lid, Deep Super. Ideal Super. Brood Box. Frames. Queen Excluder. Wax Foundation, Plastic Foundation. Flowhive. Smokers. Hive Tools. Bee Suit. Ankle Spats. Gloves. Frame Rest. Frame Grip. Boots. Bee Brush. Hive Strap. Hive Clamps/Locks. Hive Mat. Clearance Boards. Escape Board. Pollen Trap. Queen Marking.

We at the club hope that we have inspired you. To Join Our Club.