Beekeeper, Beekeeping Ahead !!!

If you need to know How, What, When to do it ???

 Join a Bee Club.

As we are not meeting in December please use our help line, setup for our members 0409-213-630.
We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy nectar full New Year, As we have not had one over spring.

Southside Beekeepers Club meets on the Fourth Wednesday of each month (No December Meeting)

Sign-in & Membership Registration from 7:00pm Meeting starts at 7:30pm sharp.


Leawarra House (Citizens Club, Yes the hall has a day job) 200 Beach Street, Frankston. Vic. (Melway 102 H3 So you don't get lost)


What we are doing at our next meeting in Jan 2017 will be posted soon.


Yes !!! We Have Set New Dates for Both Our Courses.

Introduction to Beekeeping Course. 

(For old and new Bee keepers alike I am still learning after 50 years and more than wiling to learn more Lindsay)

 NUC Box Building Course. 

Our courses will give you all the beginner's know how needed to start your new hobby or refine/refresh your knowledge and skills. this course is so upmarket even a long team Beekeeper will learn. Our class sizes are small and hands on so be prepared - You'll need your safety equipment - Bee suit & gloves, your smoker and hive tool, and not forgetting eagerness to learn and get face to face and hands on with our bees. Click the link above for more information, next scheduled course date and an online form for you to register your interest in attending the next course.

All courses are run on numbers paid for in full and booked in. 1st in best dressed. Be quick, spots fill fast...All past courses have been booked out.

Memberships, Event Payments & any Donations can be directly deposited into the club account. VISA/MasterCard & EFTPOS are accepted at Monthly Meetings. Details are located on the Contact & Membership page.


By Joining Our Club We Can Help You With All This.

Beeswax. Nectar Flow. Wax Moth. Propolis. Honey Harvesting. Pesticide Death. Pollination. Feeding a Hive. Pollination. What it Cost? Life Span. Local & State Government Regulations. Hive Placement. Opening Hives. Goodwill to Neighbours. Italian Bee's (Apis Millifera Ligustia). Bees Senses-Feeling-Seeing-Hearing-Smell & Taste. Fire Regulations. Black Russian Carniolan Bee (Apis Millifera Carnica). Wasps. Ants. Round- Tail/Wagging-Cleaning-Joy Dances. Guard Bee's. Swarms. Re-Queening. Benton Cages. Native Bee's. Bait Hives. Scout Bee's. Skips. Allergies. Sting Prevention. Laying Workers. Drawing Foundation. Feeders. Caucasian Bee (Apis Millifera Caucaica). Uncapping. Cleaning & Play Flights. Hive Inspections & What to look for? Burr Comb. Clustering. Bee Bread. Wintering Hives. Grafting. Switching Hive Bodies. Bees & Hive Space. Robber Bees. Disease & Pests. Creamed Honey. Drumming. Spring-Summer-Autumn Honeys. Moving Hive's. Bee Fanning. Extracting. Bee Candy. Capped Comb. Spring Management. Unripe Honey. Bee Blowers. Uncapping Knife. Buying Bee's. Nuclei Hive (NUC). Water Sources. Balling. House Bee's. Drifting. Honeys. Filter/Strainer. Fondant. Supersedure. Pheromones. Meade. Queen Rearing. Candles Making. Polish-Soaps-Creams. Feral Bee's. Field Bee's. Apiary. Beekeeping History. Joining Colonies. Honeycomb. Warming Cabinet. Bottling. Solar Wax Extractors. Hive Registration. Small Hive Beatle. Smokers. Perfume & Preparation Smells. Sugar Shake Program. Need for Permanent Water. Honeydew. Foraging Bee's. Honey Storage. Flowhive-Fixes. Crystallized Honey. House Bee's.

And so very much more.

We have a lending library with hundreds of Books, DVD's, honey extractor's and wiring jigs for our members to borrow.

 Longstroth Hives - Parts & Tools.

Hive Stands. Base Board. Roof/Lid, Deep Super. Ideal Super. Brood Box. Frames. Queen Excluder. Wax Foundation, Plastic Foundation. Flowhive. Smokers. Hive Tools. Bee Suit. Ankle Spats. Gloves. Frame Rest. Frame Grip. Boots. Bee Brush. Hive Strap. Hive Clamps/Locks. Hive Mat. Clearance Boards. Escape Board. Pollen Trap. Queen Marking.

We at the club hope that we have inspired you.